The Brannen Group

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The Brannen Group (TBG) helps organizations create global competencies that align with immediate business demands and challenges.  Having grown our company delivering services to California Silicon Valley high-tech firms in the 1980s, we now have over 20 years' experience working closely with innovative organizations world-wide, from start-ups to over 50 Fortune 500 companies.

We are global consultants in management, leadership and communications offering executive coaching, consulting, and training programs, as well as web-based learning solutions.  Our innovative solutions for meeting client needs focus on real-world scenarios blending core business competencies, global and virtual team best practices, and cross-cultural considerations.

Our core competencies are:

  • Developing effective management and leadership skills
  • Becoming an effective global manager
  • Promoting and maintaining successful virtual and cross-cultural teams
  • Building effective communication skills
  • Communicating virtually and globally
  • Increasing company awareness and skills for working with diversity
  • Coaching virtual and cross-cultural teams
  • Implementing global programs
  • Conducting effective cross-cultural negotiations and meetings
  • Presenting effectively in the global business environment

The Brannen Group also provides iPhone applications on tips and strategies to increase global effectiveness: