TBG offers training, executive coaching, consulting and online tools and assessments in close partnership with our clients for true business success.  We are management and communications specialists with deep expertise in cross-cultural and business communications for immediate and effective application in the global business environment.


  • deliver business-focused programs that develop the core skills of communications, teaming, collaboration, influencing, management, and leadership in the virtual and cross-cultural work environment
  • build strategically-aligned customized leadership and management programs
  • integrate technology into our programs to extend and enhance learning with access to on-line assessments and targeted information
  • augment existing management programs to address virtual and global challenges
  • provide targeted executive coaching
  • consult on cross-cultural mergers and acquisitions, global initiatives, negotiations, and overseas assignments
Training *
Instructor-led (IL)
Virtual (V-IL)
Leadership and Management
Personal Development
Global Competencies
Executive Coaching

Recent Assignments Include:

  • German senior manager — managing multicultural team
  • Japanese President — communications with HQ
  • Group Coaching — one year for senior managers of a multinational organization
  • Norwegian Manager — managing a cross-cultural, world-wide team
  • Swedish/U.S. Joint Venture — cross-cultural-communications
Implementing Global Initiatives
Mergers —
Cross-cultural HR Consulting
Negotiating —
Cross-cultural Negotiating
Assignment —
Preparation for Expats
Management —
Issues Surrounding Global Vendor Management
Online Tools and Assessments
Coaching Skills Inventory
Consulting Skills for Internal Clients Assessment
Communication Styles: Assertive-Aggressive Assessment
Global Collaboration Assessment
Global Mobile Manager
The Motivation Cycle: The Weakest link
Virtual Global Teaming Assessment
* These programs have core competencies, but differ in terms of scenarios and case studies, determined by the culture in which the program is delivered.