The Brannen Group's 20-year industry-leading reputation for high-end training solutions for our clients is based on our practical, business-specific content — and on our world-class facilitators and facilitation methodology.

Our facilitators are unique in combining two areas of expertise: (1) culture-specific cross-cultural expertise and (2) business experience.  This combination delivers both awareness-building and skills-building training that is immediately portable to the workplace.

Our facilitation methodology, fine tuned in the course of delivering over 5000 training programs worldwide, is not weighted toward theory but toward practical business applications with emphases on current case studies, pain points and best practices.

Training *
Instructor-led (IL)
& Virtual (V-IL)
Leadership and Management
Personal Development
Building Company-wide Global Compentencies
* These programs have core competencies, but differ in terms of scenarios and case studies, determined by the culture in which the program is delivered.