We are committed to integrating technology into our solutions to maximize their effectiveness.  In today‚Äôs fast-paced world, people have unlimited demands on their time.  For this reason, it is necessary to extend the learning environment beyond traditional settings and forms.  Technology provides the means to do so as we can scale our solutions for an organization by providing access to online assessments and targeted information.

Online Tools and Assessments
Coaching Skills Inventory
Consulting Skills for Internal Clients Assessment
Communication Styles: Assertive-Aggressive Assessment
Global Collaboration Assessment
Global Mobile Manager
The Motivation Cycle: The Weakest Link
Virtual Global Teaming Assessment

The Coaching Skills Inventory identifies a person's strengths and weaknesses in the following seven (7) coaching skills:

  1. Opening - creating context
  2. Diagnosing - mutually agreed to
  3. Explaining impact
  4. Agreeing to the solution
  5. Handling excuses
  6. Setting the contract
  7. Closing

Currently, the assessment is available in English and Japanese.

The Consulting Skills for Internal Clients Assessment&trade identifies the strengths and weaknesses of five (5) consulting skills for internal clients and provides recommendations for improvement in the following areas:

  1. Knowing your customer
  2. Establishing the need
  3. Diagnosing the problem
  4. Deciding to act
  5. Following up

The Communication Styles: The Assertive-Aggressive Assessment examines an individual's communication style preference with regard to:

  1. Aggressiveness
  2. Assertiveness
  3. Submissiveness

Recommendations on how to be more assertive in a variety of workplace scenarios are provided.

The Global Collaboration Assessment:

  1. Maps individual styles to six (6) distinct world-wide cultural norms: Protocol, Decision-making, Problem-solving, Communications, Information and Identity
  2. Compares selected business cultures of interest
  3. Suggests ways to style-switch for improved effectiveness in today's global work environment

The Global Mobile Manager™, GMM, is a tool for building global effectiveness, which includes:

  • Global Competencies
  • Culture-specific Deep Dives
  • Videos
  • Personal Assessments
  • Quizzes
  • Global Collaboration Assessment™

This tool can be valuable for:

  1. Individuals going on business trips or who work with counterparts globally and virtually
  2. Managers of global teams
  3. Ex-pats relocating
  4. Team-building of intact teams

The Motivation Cycle: The Weakest Link examines the root cause of demotivation by examining which aspects of the motivational cycle need to be addressed:

  • Effort to Performance
  • Performance to Satisfaction
  • Satisfaction to Effort

The Virtual Global Teaming Assessment identifies the strengths and weaknesses of members of an intact team and provides an analysis of the team dynamics suggesting areas requiring attention along with recommended actions for team leaders.